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Dilemma # 1 - "The 7 Isms"

1. Racism is truly the largest “Elephant in the room” the progenitor of hatred and slavery. It is the grandfather of Darkism and Colorism, The Apex of a belief system that one race is superior to the rest: animosity toward other races. 2. Colorism is indeed a known fact, a direct commencement of hostilities afflicted on a individual based on skin color that is used as the basis for a conclusion, or logic that interfaces that a black person possessing a lighter complexion is treated with a higher esteem than a person with a darker skin color. This word was first introduced by Alice Walker, the author. 3. Darkism is the sister of colorism where an individual is judged on the hue of their skin from other black people. 4. Featurism is discrimination of black women based on facial features. 5. Texturism is discrimination based on hair texture of black women its roughness, smoothness, coarseness and fineness are judged as good or bad hair. 6. Lightism is discrimination targeted towards light skinned black women who are validated because of their light skin. 7. Lookism is a discrimination that affects all nations the world over, Lookism is a concept where discrimination occurs to unattractive people; mainly in the workplace but also in social settings. While not classified in the same way as racism, colorism, and darkism. Lookism is worldwide and affects how people are perceived as well as affecting their opportunities in terms of relationships, job opportunities, perks, and social status. Some Initial Tips for Breaking free from the “isms” 1. Stop watching television where it pertains to programming suggesting European standards of beauty. If watching television make sure your child is watching people that look like them. 2. Speak positively to your child, encourage them on their beautiful skin color and hair. Don’t show favoritism with a child over the other. Children are very impressionable at a young age. Plant good seeds where your children are concerned. 3. Never tease anyone in front of your children concerning their color only have good things to say. 4. Cease from using terms to describe the color of skin like “darkie”, “high yella”, “redbone,” and referring to people as “Black and ugly” as if being “Black” automatically indicates that one is also “ugly.” 5. Surround yourself with images of people of color through books. 6. Don’t allow people to tell your kids that their hair is bad and skin is to dark. 7. Read the bible to them and teach them the ways of the Most High. 8. Educate yourself then teach your children about their history. 9. Comment darker people on their looks around your children. 10. Show them movies about positive black people promoting each other. © Vashtiy Alsaudamir


  1. Christopher MandelaApril 9, 2017 at 2:35 PM

    Thank you Gorgeous. Good information on the Isms. Never thought of it like that, you never cease to amaze me.

  2. Dr. Mike SellersApril 9, 2017 at 2:51 PM

    I see your putting your PhD to work Babydoll.

  3. Gawd u beautiful. I like this blog.

  4. The isms this is groundbreaking. I read your book it is a priceless piece of knowledge no one should live without. Now the world can move pass your covergirl looks into the wisdom within you.

  5. Them dam eyes of yours are blinding. Your a genius miss lady so intelligent. You started something with the introduction to the "Isms"


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