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Colorism is indeed a known fact, a direct commencement of hostilities afflicted on an individual based on skin color that is used as the basis for a conclusion, or logic that interfaces that a black person possessing a lighter complexion is treated with a higher esteem than a person with a darker skin color. This form of discrimination crosses a broad spectrum of skin color, it is the sister of light privilege and the cousin of racism. This was taught during the slavery where the lighter slaves were shown favor because their features, skin color, and hair texture was closer to that of the Aryan race (white people), the Nordic eccentric features with include, but not limited to, straight hair, light skin, light eyes, straight nose etc.. Colorism is not just limited to the black community, other dark nations suffer the injustices of it as well, both men and women. Light skinned or Biracial women are on the receiving end of this.
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Colorism, a term believed to be first coined in 1982 by Pulitzer Prize winner author Alice Walker, was defined by her to mean the “prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color.
It’s time we shift our focus from deliberating on this subject matter in meaningless preposterous idioms such as ‘yellow bone’ ‘darkie’ ‘tar baby’ and ‘red bone’ and got down to the real dispute. Most women in the world, worship the idol of beauty that demands adherence to a false standard of beauty (and worth). “The light skinned woman.” All around the world, the brown girls are discriminated against based on the color. Preferential treatment of lighter skin hues over darker hues occurs within racial and ethnic groups as well as between them. The practice of inequity, colorism (Pigmentocrcy or shadeism) privileges lighter-skinned women and men over their dark-skinned counterparts. This results in the skin lightening epidemic, self-hatred, low self-esteem and exposes how the media lifts the Caucasian woman since the beginning of white supremacy have been praised to elevated heights as the universal standard of beauty. Women around the world have been bombarded with so many different requirements of attractiveness. To be thin, but healthy; to have a flat stomach, but have ample breasts and a bigger rear end. And sorrowfully, in order to achieve the standard of perfection these women have increasingly been turning to plastic surgery, cosmetics, eating disorders, and self-mutation to fit this beauty standard the beguiling attraction of it and social imperatives that surround it. The quandary of a woman who does not possess any kind of beauty. This world is superficial where your validation is men drooling at you while walking down the street. What about “the woman that nobody sees” you know the one that is ignored by men? Society places so much pressure to be attractive and the procedures in which women pull out all the stops to modify their appearance by any means necessary. This society will train you in your way to think of a particular beauty standard even upon deeper reflection it will be imposed through universal thinking what our perceptions of beauty should be, its trains your mind directly or indirectly, through the power of subjection and propaganda their way of seeing and of appreciating beauty - The Beauty Ideal - embedded into our brains every second of the day through television, commercials, and the media. Sadly, for most of the brown girls in the world, they have a double disadvantage being a woman considered the least of all women and being of a member of the dark nation.
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Margaret Hunter in her book, “Race, Gender, and the Politics of Skin tone” which in my opinion the best clinical study on the effects of colorism among blacks and Mexicans … states - “Although typically described as a “black “ or “Chicano” problem, colorism is practiced by whites and people of color alike”
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This artwork speaks volumes in relating to the issue of colorism.