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The Rise of the Consciousness of Black Men

The black man around the world are burden with certain adversities due to skin color. In America since the civil right movement in the time of the flower children baby boomers in the women’s liberation within the last 30 years seventy-two percent about households have became one -parent families the mainly the women wear the pants because the views of the black male is reliant. We have fallen prey to immoral issues, radical movements of the sixties which brought about a desire to show as much flesh to see its called advertisement and today its all about the money, sex, and fornication and adultery with show no moral values. This is blatant throughout the media and the christian church, the neighborhood, and the streets school and especially those pits of sin - the night clubs. Such an alarming numbers of our family structures/foundations have been destroyed as a vast number of instructed uneducated youth walk the earth being thrust into an already failing economy. Our problems have to do with spiritual issues lack of the truth and adequate parenting since birth. It starts with the family unit teaching the youth the facts of life and how they are. And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable. Isaiah 3:5 KJV
Negative racial stereotypes are a special challenge for African-American males especially in the workforce. One of the greatest challenges that I have had to overcome happens to be the negative stereotypes about African-American males. I have had countless experiences wherein people have reacted to me in a negative way simply because of my skin color. These negative reactions were the result of negative stereotypes. One of the experiences that I have had many times over the years happens to be the issue of being perceived as a thug, a robber, a thief, or someone who is extremely violent simply because of my skin color. These negative stereotypes are also present in the workforce. African-American males experience great levels of stress simply because of how they look. Without saying anything or doing anything African-Americans males are prejudged based upon negative racial stereotypes. Many people are oblivious to this truth because they have not experienced this type of stress-inducing prejudice. I have had this experience countless time. --- Lenon Honor
We are afflicted in the various political, economical, social and spiritual dilemma. There is a reason that the world is indoctrinating a lack of self esteem within the black man psyche, the system that pit’s the black man against the black women and vice versa. This deception is designed to keep you down, keep you from knowing who you are, divide and conquer the family structure because they know without a man the little black boys will suffer go into a life of crime and effeminate, the girls will become whores and look to every man for acceptance. What a shame! The male has got to indoctrinate himself through self education of his history like where he originate from before Africa, are you really of the African Diaspora or are you of the nation of Israel? Its time for boys to be men to step from mediocrity to knowledge to teach the next generation. Yes it time to stop chasing “coohie” and love the black woman that is called by your name, you know the mother of your children. Its time to love your children and educate them by bringing them into the knowledge of the Most High. The women need you, they want you to take your rightful place. Its time to be self sufficient give back to our communities purchasing power without relying on government programs to pull us through. Lack of education and Indoctrination has lead us far from the truth only with small bits of knowledge of the bible. The bible says, my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. That knowledge is of self. Religion has been taught to us by the Gentiles and religious leaders from the catholic church. Sunday between 9 and 11 am is the most segregated time. In 321 A.D. Constantine decreed that Sunday (1st day) would be the new Sabbath instead of Saturday (7th day) because of this blindness we are blinded to facts of a relationship with the Most High. We are left to endure deep-seated moral and spiritual torture. Where did we go wrong? As men… Real men commit to the Most High, love their wife, and teach their children.


  1. lol "stop chasing coohie" lol Gorgeous you really got me there. So truthful and blunt you are. Gotta love you Gorgeous.


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